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What are the duties of insured person in the event of an accident?

 Notification
It is the duty of the insured to give immediate notice to the insurer on
the happening of an accident. The period within which notice must be
given is normally contained under the policy conditions. This will enable
the insurer to conduct further investigations if necessary to minimize the
exposure and also avoid loosing crucial evidence.

 Report to the police immediately
This is also a requirement under the Traffic Act. This will enable the
police to take the details of the accident, conduct investigations and
finally issue a Police Abstract Report.

 Claim documentation
The insured is required to prove that they suffered a loss. This will be
done through completion of a claim form and furnishing the insurer with
relevant documents such as a police abstract, copy of the driver’s driving
licence and paying the policy excess.

 Co-operate with assessor, repairer and investigator.

 Surrender subrogation rights e.g. when a motor vehicle becomes
a write off, the logbook should be surrendered to the insurer.

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