How do I apply for medical insurance?

You will need to visit any of the medical insurance companies or health managementorganizations. You will be given an application form which should be completed in fulldisclosing all facts as requested.The policy limits usually determines the rate of premium. Other factors taken intoconsideration include number of dependants and type of cover chosen.

Will the policy compensate me for all kinds of treatment that I receive?

No, the policy will only compensate you for treatment received from a qualified andlicensed medical practitioner. The cost of non-conventional treatment and drugs is amandatory exclusion. Other of the most common exclusions are:(i) Eye testing or the cost of eye glasses or contact lens;(ii) Dental treatment;(iii) Optical treatment;(iv) Maternity expenses;(v) Emergency treatment;(vi) Cosmetic or beauty […]

How do I benefit from NHIF membership?

The hospital will issue a bill less the amount recoverable from NHIF and recover theamount directly from NHIF. However, you will be required to produce an updatedNHIF card of the contributor or the dependant at the time of discharge from hospital.If you don’t forward your card at the time of discharge, you can pay the […]

How are medical bills paid?

Different insurance companies have different arrangements with various hospitals.There are some insurers that cater for treatment with approval medical providerson credit, or with other providers of your choice where you make payment and thenforward the receipts to the insurer or reimbursement.

Am I insured while out of the country?

Yes, most of the companies will cover you for twenty four hours worldwide, whileothers will insure you for a specific number of days while outside the country.However, you need to notify the company while making overseas trips.

How will the hospital know that I am the insured?

The names of insured persons are normally sent to the approved hospitals and storedin the database. Further, you will be issued with a medical insurance card which youshould carry at all times when visiting hospital.

Does the policy cover all my children?

Insurance policies normally do not cover children below six months and grown upchildren above twenty one years except if they are full-time students when the agelimit is extended to 25 years. However, the age limit can be waived in the contractif there is an agreement.