Medical Insurance

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Estimating medical insurance costs


Why do you need medical insurance?

How to calculate how much medical insurance coverage you need

Medical insurance charges depend on the age, current medical condition, required benefit limits and number of  medical benefits chosen by the insured.

There are two main categories of medical insurance:

Inpatient medical insurance refers to an insurance cover where the insurance company pays for hospital admission related expenses whereas outpatient medical insurance caters for hospital consultation and prescribed medicines.

One first has to have inpatient medical insurance before purchasing outpatient medical insurance. Note that additional extensions can then be added to increase access to specific medical services.

Coverage levels and insurance pricing

There are two types of policies:-

• Reimbursement policy – more traditional and provides that the insured pays for the medical expenses first and, then, lodges a claim for reimbursement.

• Benefits policy – This is now more popular. Here, you get a medical card that gives you access to a network of insurer approved preferred provider organization.

A better understanding of medical insurance

There are additional insurance and security measures often recommended for comprehensive private vehicle insurance. This extensions are optional but offer great value in the event of related loss. They include:


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