Commercial Car Insurance

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Estimating car insurance costs


Why do you need car insurance?

How to calculate how much car insurance coverage you need

Vehicle insurance cost depends on the type of vehicle insurance cover purchased by the vehicle owner.

There are three main types of commercial motor insurance policies in Kenya. They include:

Third Party Only insurance offers compensation against claims arrising from damages caused by your car to other people’s property or lives; these are refered to as third party liabilities. Third party fire and theft insurers against third partyliabilities and losses to the vehicle owner caused by fire or theft. Comprehensive insurance offer compenstation for third party liabilities and lossesto the vehicle brought about by theft,fire or accidents.

Comprehensinve insurance is often only sold to vehicles under 15 years of age since year of manufacture. 

Coverage levels and insurance pricing

Most insurance companies focus on Third party Only insurance and comprehensive insurance.Third party only commercial vehicle insurance is calculated as a fixed annual amount irrespective of vehicle value or age. Comprehensive insurance is however calculated as a percentage of vehicle value and may be dependent on vehicle make and age.

A better understanding of commercial vehicle insurance

There are additional insurance and security measures often recommended for comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance. This extensions are optional but offer great value in the event of related loss. They include:


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