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Insurance Business Partnership Opportunity


What's the value of an insurance partnership?

How does the insurance partnership program work?

We enter into a mutual agreement with individuals and businesses where they canbe able to provide access to insurance covers through our company. We assist with online quotation and access to the relevant insurance covers.

Our partners are therefore able to seamlessly provide insurance covers from the convinience of their current location.Our package includes the following:

We handle the complicated part of running an insurance agency and let you focus on enhancing the insurance customer’s convenience.

Partnership Requirements

We will require you to fill an application form to join our partnership program. We will sign a partnership agreement upon successful review of your application. We will require copies of idenfication documents for partner individuals and businesses (where applicable). Payment of commissions will be done to the partners bank account supported by an invoice of commission due.

Key Partnership Opportunities

There are additional insurance and security measures often recommended for comprehensive private vehicle insurance. This extensions are optional but offer great value in the event of related loss. They include:


Provide value through an insurance business partnership with Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd. Take advantage of our licensed insurance business, experience and technology.