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Online Advisors Insurance Agency distinguishes itself in the Kenyan insurance market by providing additional long-term value beyond standard insurance products.

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Comprehensive Benefits

The agency integrates services from its subsidiaries to enhance personal, business, and health insurance with services like GPS tracking for vehicles, discounted security systems for homes and businesses, and health-enhancing smart applications.

Home and Business Security:

For home insurance clients, they offer discounted security surveillance systems which help manage risks not covered by standard policies, such as theft without clear evidence of break-ins.

Enhanced Motor Insurance:

Commercial vehicle insurance benefits include free GPS tracking services to improve security and manage theft incidents more effectively, providing lower excess charges and theft mitigation solutions.

Innovative Health Solutions:

Our sister firm: Finahost Online Solutions provides a smart app ( that offers personalized workout and diet plans, contributing to a healthier lifestyle for medical insurance clients at no additional cost

Rewards and Incentives:

Clients receive gift cards redeemable on an e-commerce platform (, encouraging purchases or donations to help the less fortunate, and premium services like access to financial consultations and loans.

Superior Client Service:

Operating as an independent agency, Online Advisors Insurance Agency tailors its offerings to client preferences, focusing on delivering superior value and ensuring client satisfaction.

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Online Advisors Insurance Agency Overview

Online Advisors Insurance Agency offers a premium range of tailored insurance solutions in Kenya, enhancing standard coverage with exclusive benefits like GPS tracking, advanced security systems, and health-enhancing smart applications to meet the sophisticated needs of discerning clients. The company is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

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Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in Kenya’s insurance sector. As a licensed independent insurance agency, it offers a wide array of insurance products tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. This introduction provides an overview of the agency, highlights the importance of partnering with a licensed provider, and explores the benefits of securing insurance in Kenya.

Overview of Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd Established with a mission to deliver personalized insurance solutions, Online Advisors serves both individual and corporate clients with integrity and expertise. Their independence is a critical asset, allowing them to source the best policies from various insurers that fit their clients’ specific requirements.

Importance of Choosing a Licensed Independent Insurance Agency Choosing a licensed agency like Online Advisors ensures that you are dealing with professionals who are regulated and compliant with Kenyan insurance laws and regulations. This adherence to legal standards provides clients with peace of mind, knowing their insurance coverage is valid and reliable.

Benefits of Insurance Services in Kenya In Kenya, having insurance is not just a necessity but a wise financial strategy. It protects individuals and businesses from unexpected financial losses due to accidents, theft, or natural disasters. Insurance also fosters a culture of saving and financial planning which is crucial for economic stability.

Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of insurance services designed to cover every aspect of personal and business needs. We also offer acess to licensed investment opportunities.

  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Investments (Equity Funds, Balanced Funds,Money Market Funds, Wealth Management)

Selecting the right insurance policy can be daunting. Online Advisors simplifies this process with expert guidance and a client-centered approach.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Insurance Key considerations include understanding the coverage extent, premium costs, and the insurer’s reliability. Clients are advised to evaluate their needs comprehensively before deciding.

Understanding Different Types of Insurance Policies Knowledge about various policies helps clients make informed choices. Online Advisors educates its clients on the nuances of each policy type, including terms, conditions, and benefits.

Tips for Comparing Insurance Quotes Clients are encouraged to compare different quotes and terms. Online Advisors facilitates this comparison, ensuring clients get the best possible coverage at competitive rates.

The independence of Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd offers several unique advantages.

Personalized Service and Tailored Policies Clients receive personalized consultations that ensure they choose the most suitable policies for their specific needs without compromise.

Access to Multiple Insurers and Products As an independent agency, Online Advisors has the flexibility to offer products from multiple insurers, giving clients a broad range of options.

Unbiased and Professional Advice Free from the constraints of single-insurer affiliations, the agency provides unbiased advice that aligns solely with the client’s interests.

The claim process is often complex. Online Advisors strives to make this process as smooth as possible for its clients.

Step-by-Step Guide on Filing a Claim Online Advisors offers a clear, step-by-step guide that helps clients understand how to file a claim efficiently and correctly.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident or Loss Immediate steps and precautions are crucial in managing accidents or losses. The agency provides critical first-response advice to safeguard clients’ rights and maximize their claim legitimacy.

How Online Advisors Support You During Claims The agency stands by its clients throughout the claims process, from initial notification to the final settlement, ensuring support and advocacy at every step.

Understanding the regulatory environment in Kenya helps clients appreciate the value of a licensed and compliant agency like Online Advisors.

Overview of Insurance Regulations in Kenya The insurance industry in Kenya is regulated under the Insurance Act, ensuring that all operators meet strict standards for operation and service delivery.

How Online Advisors Ensures Compliance Online Advisors adheres to all regulatory requirements, providing services that