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Online Advisors Insurance Agency distinguishes itself in the Kenyan insurance market by providing additional long-term value beyond standard insurance products.

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Comprehensive Benefits

The agency integrates services from its subsidiaries to enhance personal, business, and health insurance with services like GPS tracking for vehicles, discounted security systems for homes and businesses, and health-enhancing smart applications.

Home and Business Security:

For home insurance clients, they offer discounted security surveillance systems which help manage risks not covered by standard policies, such as theft without clear evidence of break-ins.

Enhanced Motor Insurance:

Commercial vehicle insurance benefits include free GPS tracking services to improve security and manage theft incidents more effectively, providing lower excess charges and theft mitigation solutions.

Innovative Health Solutions:

Our sister firm: Finahost Online Solutions provides a smart app ( that offers personalized workout and diet plans, contributing to a healthier lifestyle for medical insurance clients at no additional cost

Rewards and Incentives:

Clients receive gift cards redeemable on an e-commerce platform (, encouraging purchases or donations to help the less fortunate, and premium services like access to financial consultations and loans.

Superior Client Service:

Operating as an independent agency, Online Advisors Insurance Agency tailors its offerings to client preferences, focusing on delivering superior value and ensuring client satisfaction.

Over five hundred clients and counting

We take pride in helping more people get better value from their insurance.


Thank you for the insurance advice and quick processing of my insurance over the weekend.

Robert Korir


I strongly recommend Online Advisors Insurance Agency. The team’s experience in insurance matters is top notch.

Ann Mugo


I learn’t about you through a Television Interview and loved the free professional insurance advise.Keep it Up.

Lawrence Odhiambo


Quick quotations, fast processing, insurance education and outstanding claim follow ups. Love It!

Elizabeth Kasuu

Online Advisors Insurance Agency Overview

Online Advisors Insurance Agency offers a premium range of tailored insurance solutions in Kenya, enhancing standard coverage with exclusive benefits like GPS tracking, advanced security systems, and health-enhancing smart applications to meet the sophisticated needs of discerning clients. The company is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Frequent Asked Questions

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