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How do I file a claim under domestic package insurance?

If your property is stolen or the house is destroyed by fire, you will need
to file a claim with your insurance company. A domestic package policy is a
contract between you and the insurance company and there are rules that
you and your insurance company, will have to follow. You must read the
insurance policy to see what your responsibilities are.
Key things to do:-
a) Report any crime to the police- if your home is vandalised or burgled,
report it to the police. The police will provide you with a police abstract
b) Get claim forms- The insurance company will supply you with claim
forms once the claim has been notified. You need to return the properly
completed claim forms as soon as possible so as to avoid delays. The
estimate of the damage has to be completed and attached to the claim
c) Contact your insurance company immediately- Insurance policies
usually place a time limit on notifying the insurer of a claim.
d) Make temporary repairs- Take reasonable steps to protect your
property from further damage. Note to keep receipts safely as they will
be required by your insurance company for re-imbursement.
e) Prepare a list of lost or damaged items- You will need to substantiate
your loss and may be required to provide the loss adjuster with copies
of receipts for damaged items.

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