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What steps are taken by an insurance company before a motor insurance claim is settled?

 Appoint a motor assessor, who is duly licensed by the Commissioner of
Insurance. The Assessor will give a report on the condition of the vehicle,
the estimate of repairs and whether the vehicle is repairable or a writeoff.
The insurer will then issue an authority letter to the garage to repair
the vehicle. On completion of repairs, the insurer will issue a release
letter to the garage and the vehicle will be released to you after signing
a satisfaction note.
 If the vehicle is a write-off, the insurer will take possession of the
wreckage, issue a discharge voucher, which should be signed and
returned. After this, the settlement cheque will be issued.
 Where the circumstances of the accident are not very clear, the insurer
may appoint an investigator who will prepare a report for the insurer.
 Pre-theft report for theft cases.

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