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How do I file a motor insurance claim?

To file a claim, follow these steps.
 Call your insurance company/agent or broker as soon as possible
regardless of who is at fault. Find out whether you are covered for the
loss. Even if the accident appears minor, it is important that you let
your insurance company know about the incident.
 Ask your agent or company representative how to proceed and what
forms or documents are needed to support your claim. Your insurance
company will require a proof of claim form and a copy of police abstract
 Supply the information your insurance company requires. Fill out the
claim form carefully.
 Ask your insurance agent or company the following questions:

  • Does my policy contain a time limit for filling claims?
  • Is there a time limit for resolving claim dispute?
  • If I need to submit additional information is there a time
  • When can I expect the insurance company to contact me?
  • Do I need to get repair estimates for the damage to my motor
  • Will my policy pay for rental car while my car is being repaired?
    If so how much?
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