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Poultry Insurance

Poultry refers to units considering of chicks, hens, cocks, ducks, turkeys, quails and such other domesticated bird’s reared for eggs and or meal. It includes layer bird’s broilers and hatchery birds (Breeding Stock.


The insurance covers losses in stock during;

  • Rearing period
  • Egg laying period
  • Broilers up to specified maximum age e.g. 4 weeks
  • Breeders up to maximum specified age e.g. 64 weeks

Reared poultry is covered against losses due to

  • Infectious diseases
  • Accidental death due to suffocation, freezing, heat stroke, fire and accompanying risks
  • Limited emergency slaughter against epizootic outbreaks
  • Theft of birds


Underwriting Considerations

The following are the main underwriting considerations

  • Holding capacity of the establishment
  • Source of the bird (breeder’s reputation)
  • Provision of normal mortality per batch
  • Management capacity of famers
  • Vaccination regime
  • Existence of contagious disease in the area
  • Consultation of veterinary doctor
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