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What are the different types of motor claims?

A. Own damage claims
i. Total loss – The insured is paid the cost of replacing such a vehicle
subject to adequacy of the sum insured.
ii. Partial loss – The insurer pays the cost of repairing the vehicle,
subject to the sum insured being adequate. The insured takes the
vehicle to a garage of their choice or is requested to choose one
from a panel by the insurer. The insurer meets the assessment
and repair costs directly.

B. Third party claims
Third parties are also entitled to claim against you in the event
that you cause bodily injury to them or damage their property.
You may, therefore, receive notices of intended prosecution or
court summons. All these should be forwarded to the insurer,
unanswered. To be on the safe side, it is important to keep a
record that shows that the insurer has received the same. Third
party bodily injury claims will normally be handled through the
courts or negotiated out of court.

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