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Other types of agriculture insurance

Forestry Insurance

Forestry insurance protects standing tree crops against losses due to fire, lightning and explosion or aircraft. Coverage can be extended to damage caused by volcanic eruption and windstorm. Firefighting expenses and debris removal are also covered and are capped at an annual aggregate limit. It can cover natural forests as well as plantations.


Sum Insured

Trees increase in value as they grow and therefore the sum insured increases as trees increases to mature. It is necessary to verify the method of establishing the value of the crop at various stages of growth with the insurer at inception of the policy.


Greenhouse Insurance

A greenhouse is a building in which plants are grown. These structure range in size from small sheds to a very large building. It has different types of covering materials such as glass or plastic roof and frequently glass or plastic walls

It is a very capital intensive ant relies on the serviceability of the infrastructure that the producer has put in plant i.e. the quality of materials and whether the structure is made of wood or metal.


The infrastructure is insured against damage by storm, water, fire smoke lightning explosion, malicious damage aircraft impact and earthquakes. Cover may be extended to cover business interruption. Most policies provide comprehensive cover for material damage to structures, irrigation equipment, crop breakdown in water filtration and pack house machines.


Aquaculture Insurance

This is the growing of aquatic organisms in warm fresh water, cold fresh water and in marine waters. Aquaculture insurance covers famers engaged in breeding and raising of aquatic fauna and growing aquatic flora. Aquatic involves some intervention in the rearing process to enhance production. This is by way of regular stocking, feeding, protection from predators and the like.

 Covered perils include, meteorological events, diseases, pollution, predator attacks, collision, oxygen depletion, changes in PH and salinity, theft and escape. Both offshore case systems and inshore pond cultures may be covered.


Agriculture Infrastructure Insurance

In agriculture infrastructure insurance, cover is provided against losses or damage to greenhouse, irrigation equipment, other assets and includes transit losses.

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