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Types of business interruption insurance

There are various types of arranging business interruption cover. The method adopted is dedicated by the type of business and the way in which the income earned is described in the accounts. The main types of cover are described as follows:

Gross Cover

This is the most common form of cover. It is suitable for businesses which do manufacturing, wholesaling, or retailing of goods and involve sales, purchase, opening and closing stocks.


Gross Rentals

This is suitable for businesses which receive rentals income from premises that own


Gross Revenue

This is suitable for business that provide a service but they also have a number of inter- liked business activities which could involve stock and the sale of goods. Examples include leisure companies, golf clubs and sport complex


Gross Fees

This is suitable where the business provides for services rather than a product and charge fees for the service.


Increased Cost of Working

In some business, the income will not reduce regardless of the size of any physical loss or damage to the business. These are business where the proprietor requires only a desk and a telephone to operator. All what a proposer requires to insure in such a case is the increased cost due to hiring of temporary premises.

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