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How often should I review my policy?

In general, there are four events that should trigger a review of your
 When your policy comes up for renewal
Take the time to review your cover and call your agent/broker or the
insurance company with any questions or concerns that you may have
regarding your domestic package insurance.
 Major purchases or alternations/ improvements to
your home
If you have made any major purchases, make sure that you have
adequate cover.
 You have made your home safer
If you have installed a state of the art fire/burglar alarm system or
upgraded your plumbing or electrical system, make sure that your
insurance company knows about these improvements or changes.
 Major lifestyle changes
Marriage, divorce, or adult children who move out of the family home,

can affect your domestic package insurance. When people move in
or move out, they take with them their belongings. You may need
additional cover if there is a change in the value of your home or its

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