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What are the different types of motor insurance policies?

There are three types of insurance policies that can be issued motor

a. Third Party
This type of policy covers third party bodily injury and property damage
arising out of use of motor vehicle. This is the most widely known and
used policy in Kenya. It is the cheapest policy.

b. Third party Fire & Theft cover
In addition to the cover in (a) above, the policy extends to cover theft
and fire. It is more expensive than Third party.

c. Comprehensive cover
This is what you may call a full policy. It covers third party liability
and property damage, damage arising out of fire, theft and accidental
damage to the vehicle. If you have bought your motorcar through a
loan, the lender will usually require comprehensive insurance. It is the
most expensive policy.
Comprehensive doesn’t mean that it covers all risks. There are
exclusions. Therefore, one needs to study the policy carefully to ensure
that it meets their requirements.

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